Spa-Treats: Traditional Open Air Hot Stone Bath - a truly Sikkimese experience


hot stone bath at bamboo retreatspecial stones are being heated in fireEnjoying Hot Stone Bath with Kowri Soup dok klein

Experience Sikkim’s own wellness treat at the Bamboo Retreat Hotel!

Traditionally during the cold winter months, country folks of Sikkim enjoy relaxing themselves in a nearby hot-spring or a traditional hot stone bath.

Sikkimese people like to fill their wooden tub with fresh spring water. Meanwhile stones are heated in the fire. When the stones are hot, they are added to the water. These stones release their heat and minerals to the spring water. Various herbs and the bark of a certain tree is also added to the warm water for additional medicinal benefits. A traditional vegetable or ‘Kowri’ soup is served during the bath.

Duration: max. 20 min. per person

Prior appointment is required:

  • Hot Stone Baths are seasonally available at Bamboo Retreat upon prior notice and depending on availability of hot stone master.
  • Hot stone baths cannot be guaranteed always in short notice
  • To make an appointment please consult our receptionist
  • Prices as mentioned in below pdf are only indicators and may vary.

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