Our Vision - The Bamboo Retreat Hotel 


Rare plants in SikkimLepcha Girl in Sikkim

The Bamboo Retreat was envisioned and developed by Swiss Helen Kämpf who came to Sikkim in 1999. Following the ideals of TIES (The International Eco-tourism Society) it was her vision to create a place where the best of the Himalayas is combined with the best of the West. Her objective was to bridge these worlds by providing a platform for intercultural exchange where both visitors and hosts could benefit from each other in a natural way.

At Bamboo Retreat we aim to introduce our guests to the local traditions and culture with all their senses. Come and taste Sikkim's unique cuisine and spices, smell its herbs, touch its handicrafts and textiles, dance to its songs, read its history, observe its nature and connect with its people. This is a great opportunity for guests to re-connect to a natural and quiet way of life to relook at their own roots and sense of belonging.

Besides simply being a unique eco-friendly and cultural hotel, we also facilitate intercultural workshops for the benefit of both locals and visitors.

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